‘Innovation Ecosystems; a critical component of Irish Higher Education in the 21st century’  

This one day international symposium brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers on innovation and creativity both within education and outside.

To watch presentations and listen to podcasts of  this event visit the Resource section

9.30 – 9.45 Opening address 
9.45 – 10.00Professor Veronica Campbell Introduction and welcome Professor Veronica Campbell, Dean of Graduate Studies, Trinity College Dublin and Associate Professor of Physiology. Professor Campbell is a member of the TCD-UCD Innovation Alliance Steering Group and currently overseas the development of the TCD side of the Innovation Academy. In her role as Dean of Graduate Studies, Veronica overseas the integration of Innovation Academy programmes into PhD education. Veronica is also a principal investigator in the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering. More::
10.00 – 10.30Damini Kumar Damini Kumar is Ireland’s representative for European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Award winning designer Damini Kumar, is the European Ambassador for Creativity & Innovation, a prestigious role which she was appointed by the EU Commission in January 2009 to foster the principles and value of innovation and creativity at all levels of European society. Damini is an international expert in design, creative thinking and innovation and continues to stimulate an interest in these areas as she believes it is critical to the future of the economy and is regularly asked to advise organisations & governments. More::
 10.30 – 11.00 Innovation Academy was officially opened in November 2010 and is the educational centerpiece of the TCD-UCD Innovation Alliance. The Academy’s mission is to transform the PhD experience by imbuing graduate research and education with creative thinking and innovation. Together across-institutions they deliver a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to PhD students from multidisciplinary background. More::
Break 11.15 – 11.30
11.30 – 12.00 Dr. Chris HornChris Horn is co-founder of Iona Technologies and has been an inspirational figure in Irelands’ software industry. The legacy of IONA Technologies as leaders in high-performance integration solutions catapulted Ireland’s reputation in the software sector globally. It was no surprise IONA was once one of the largest top ten software companies by revenue in the world and the 5th largest IPO in the history of Nasdaq in 1997. Dr. Horn has a distinguished career and his contribution to the Irish high-tech industry has been instrumental.  He has been a non-executive director of a number of privately held software companies and business associations and advisor to a number of venture capital firms. More::
12.00 – 12.30 Christine Driscoll is Associate Director of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Initiative. Before taking on this position, Christine was the Business Development Manager of the socially conscious apparel brand, EDUN LIVE, founded by Ali Hewson and Bono (and now partly owned by LVMH after recent investment). In her role at EDUN LIVE, she managed all aspects of the brand, ranging from sourcing and supply chain management in Africa, to marketing and sales initiatives, as well as profit & loss responsibility. More::
12.30 – 1.00 Sofia Ritzén is the director of the Swedish national research and change program PIEp (Product Innovation Engineering program). PIEp aims for increased innovation capability in people and organizations. Ritzén is also associated professor in Integrated Product Development at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm,  Sweden. More::
Lunch 1.00 – 2.00
2.15 – 2.45 Professor Peter Russo is Founder, Director and Chairman of the Strascheg Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the European Business School, Frankfurt, Germany. Professor Russo’s academic experience focuses on business administration, marketing, finance and economic law, and his current research interests include innovation management, corporate entrepreneurship and growth management. More::
2.45 – 3.00 DCU Ryan AcademyGeraldine Lavin Programme Manager, Business Innovation Programme


3.00 – 3.15 IT Sligo Prof Terri Scott took up appointment as President of IT Sligo in October 2008.  She has had a distinguished academic career that has spanned over 23 years in higher education.  Prior to her current post she held senior appointments at DCU, University of Ulster and held visiting positions at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT in the USA. She also has extensive experience of developing partnerships and collaboration with institutions across Europe and Asia. More::
3.15 – 3.30 Kealan Doyle (AKA the Seahorse man) and Marine biologist from NUI Galway on marine conservation and educating Asian youths. More

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